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The Experience of Xfinity TV

The question XFINITY TV asks of other TV providers is: What good is TV if you don’t have anything to watch? Of course, Xfinity TV gives you the answer. With over 10 times the number of HD channels offered by their primary competitors, you’ll never be at a loss for viewing options. More channels mean more TV. It’s as simple as that.

One of the aspects that makes XFINITY TV innovative is that all of their programming is digital. This means that you, the viewer, get a crystal clear picture 100% of the time. Plus, with the intense support offered by the Comcast network, you won’t get any of that digital garble that is usually par for the course for other digital TV providers.

Comcast is also able to offer Xfinity almost anywhere in their expansive, national service area, and offers it to you at higher speeds. XFINITY TV is transmitted to you over a high-speed Comcast Internet connection, which brings with it over 20,000 different movies, TV Shows and specials on demand and in the heart of your home.

When choosing a TV provider, despite all of the options the service offers, the ultimate question comes down to the cost. How much do I have to pay for Xfinity TV service? If you’re already part of the Comcast network, you get XFINITY TV at absolutely no extra cost. If you’re a new customer, Xfinity TV is still cheaper than what the other guys are offering, and if you sign-up online, you’ll even get HBO free for three months!

What ultimately sets Xfinity apart from the competition, however, is the extent of its offerings in high definition. With XFINITY, you get sharper reds, deeper blues,and all the hues of distinction you never quite noticed with your old analog connection. Movies take on new characters and contexts, TV shows are louder and brighter, and the way you watch TV will be entirely revolutionized. XFINITY TV doesn’t just offer you options -- it offers you an unparalleled viewing experience.