Digital Cable Service

Digital Cable From Charter Cable

Charter Digital Cable Delivers What Others Don't

Let?s face it: we all love cable. What was once viewed as a luxury is now a necessity? We're all addicted to having hundreds of TV shows and movies on hand, at the touch of a few buttons on the remote control. As much as everyone loves cable, though, few people enjoy dealing with cable providers. Finding one that will deliver on its promises, without being a huge hassle, is a real challenge.

Charter Digital Cable is the only one that truly offers worry-free, reliable cable. Many companies like to toot their own horn, bragging about their fantastic cable channels and great prices. Once you do some research, however, you?ll find that they really offer a limited number of channels, which they overcharge for. With Charter Cable, though, what you see is what you get.

Charter offers: 6,500+ movies and shows that you can watch anytime On Demand 900+ HD channels The best HD channels HD On Demand Premium subscriptions (including HBO/Cinemax, Starz/Encore and Showtime/TMC)

With a premium subscription, you are able to watch the shows and movies on those channels On Demand, any time you want. The best part is the more premium packages you purchase, the more you save. This is great if you have to have HBO and Showtime (and really, who doesn't?).

In addition, Charter offers Digital Video Recording, also known as DVR. Behind the remote control, this is possibly the best tool for television ever designed.

With DVR, you're able to:

Record a movie you have been dying to see while you watch another show Pause a live show to check the laundry, feed the kids or answer the phone Record an entire series of your favorite show while you?re away on vacation or business.

The ability to do all this is priceless, and Charter offers this great tool at a reasonable price. All things considered, Charter Cable is the best way to go.